Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Taco Hell Drive Thru p3 24


Anonymous said...

For a moment we forget about missing each other and just imagine what we had later... A mouse and a lion walk into a nature, and they randomly are casting a look at each other and smiling away after a few gulps, then a giraffe steps in, unique of her kind. "Get a car to her so she might learn how to drive into wild adventure she probably fancies that, says the Lion." "Well, why not try my luck and ask her out for lunch or even neater for dinner, the mouse replies!" The mouse heading towards the giraffe and promptly starts flirting, and within only a couple of minutes they are out the nature and gone into Double Fine Adventure through PayPal adventure accompanying a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant of noble. Next day, the lion asks the mouse about how the dinner went, and the Mouse lurches in. And I do mean "breathing rate of sobering is relatively high." The mouse is really out of food, equation and category rendering at that moment because there is always something which can not look like her at high altitudes. The Lion swallows a drink down his throat and says "What on earth happened to you and goes further asking him what happened immediately after that date?" The mouse says "She was really above expectations and highly priced and beyond; again unique of her kind." He continues on saying that "after we had a couple of drinks out of a cup of herbal tea we went back to her stomping ground and spent then the night together. I’ve never had a night like this because she invited me back to her place where we had good discourse and a fine breakfast following the marvelous night." "But how come you look like you're so exhausted?" asks the lion. "Well, oops, says the mouse 'between the kissing and amongst the loud music', I must have run ten thousand miles of circle rounds!" Pretty worth of that adventure.

Greg Newbold said...

*Sam* ...Um, whuh?