Monday, March 18, 2013

Alternate Universe Rapunzel's Revenge Cover

A little while back, the publisher considered doing a reprint of Rapunzel's Revenge--smaller in size, with a new cover. We ended up skipping the new cover, but the book will be out soon in a smaller size. Not as small as the Hazardous Tales books, but quite a bit smaller than the big books that came out years ago.

This means two things: A) You need to track down these adorable new sizes, your shelf will be empty without them! (Both Calamity Jack and Rapunzel will be out in new sizes.)

and B) Time to start hoarding those old, large-sized editions. If you can find them--especially the hardcovers--grab them and put them in your air-tight vault! Because they will soon be rare!

The books will use the old covers. But just for kicks, here's a sketch I did for an alternate Rapunzel cover.

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Anonymous said...

Rapunzel's Revenge Legend translated into modern times and in an immediate environment of mine: In a land filled of embezzlement, and at times of grafting branches into olive trees were not always observed, Rapunzel maintains her integrity, above all, shows personality, which is generally absent in our perilous times, and assumed needs trait of character that is admissible as an element of a claim or defense in the sense of questioning and challenging one's limits, from first personal experiences!