Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Meet the Provost!

It's another introduction to one of the Hazardous Tales narrators--there are three. Can you guess who the last one will be?
When I started this page, I thought it would be very boring compared to the Hangman's. But two hours of online research and nine library books later, I discovered it was far more interesting than the Hangman's totally made up outfit.

I learned all about the history of the Grenadier's cap--which is basically a furry miter. That's right--miter, like the Pope wears! This hat eventually turned into the bear-skin hat you see on modern Buckingham Palace Guards. They are still made from bear skin to this day--and are quite expensive (especially for the bear!)


Pica said...

My brother and I read both Hazardous Tales books yesterday. We loved them! Well done, Nate! When do the next installments come out?

Nathan said...

Thanks Pica! The next two books will be out next summer. I'm working on them right now!

Sarah C. said...

Jack:I thought he was launching a book, but he was really launching a bottle of soda at the books!

Sarah C. said...

These panels are hilarious. I hope they find their way into your next books. BTW we got a graphic novel from the library on the Boston Tea Party. It was sooooo bad, really awful. You are doing such a service to children's literature and helping adults like me who have a blank spot for history. Really love your books. Jenny Pulsipher, miss American History herself, ordered both books and she loved them.