Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Taco Hell Drive Thru Part 2-17

I sure like drawing these monster Hondas.

Hey, guess who just finished illustrating the complete Old Testament. It was me! 324 full-color illustrations spread over 108 pages. Aye carumba!

In retrospect, I wish we'd done the Old Testament second. Now all the fun-to-draw stories are behind me. No more lion's dens, fiery furnaces, boats full of animals etc.

So long, you wacky Old Testament.


Rachel Q said...

I would love to see a sample!

Clint C. said...

So is this an inside deal, or will they be for sale to the general public. I'm always looking for good illustrated scriptures. Have you heard of the Brick Bible? All LEGO illustrated. My boys are really into it. It's amazing how graphic LEGOs can be.
Sam's Club banned it for "mature content."

Nathan said...

Oh, I have the Brick Bible. It is GREAT! And yes, The Catholic Children's Bible (that's the official title) will be available everywhere next year.

Chris said...

Congrats! That's one big old spiky bush out of your thicket. Hopefully it's easier to move around now. Any rediscovered favorite bible stories?

Nathan said...

In reexamining all these old bible stories, I find myself siding with the wicked brothers. Joseph was totally asking for it with that coat. I would've chucked him down the well too.