Friday, February 17, 2012

Taco Hell Drive Thru Part 2-15

Phew! That was close. I totally forgot to do today's post. Friday's post has always been finished Thursday night. I'm still getting used to this schedule. But I got the Friday post out just under the clock--with ten minutes to spare!

I'm heading out to see the Secret World of Arrietty (aka The Borrowers) this weekend. I have medium expectations. Yes, it's a Studio Ghibli--but it's not directed by Miyazaki. This is the first non-Miyazaki Studio Ghibli movie to get wide theatrical release in the states. I've seen every Miyazaki American theatrical release on opening weekend. All the way back to Princess Mononoke. It's fun to go opening weekend, because the crowd cheers when the Totoro logo pops up. Plus, Miyazaki has said that if this one does poorly in the states, he'll end his deal with Disney distribution. So go see it this weekend! (Even if it isn't a true Miyazaki.)


Mike Blake illustration said...

I didn't know you were such a Miyazaki fan! (my respect for you has increased!) I have my own tradition...ordering the Japanese DVD when it comes out in Japan! (so I got to watch it in June last year.)

I'm sure you know by now, but Arrietty was actually pretty good despite Miyazaki not directing it. IN fact you could feel his hand all-throughout the movie!

Q said...

I'm going today!

Chris said...

Is this building up to a "You are what you eat" moral?
I'm excited to hear how you liked Arrietty. I'm going to see it soon, but couldn't swing opening weekend.