Friday, October 14, 2011

Princess BATMAN 13

Is this the end for Princess BATMAN?

Yeah, pretty much.

Thanks for participating in the Princess BATMAN posts. It's been fun! Maybe she'll return someday in a big story!

New thing--new spooky thing--starts Monday!


Alysa Stewart said...

Ok, I must say I think it's a little lame that we saw her running from the bunnies and cowering before the ...giant thing, but never kicking butt. So I hope she'll be back!

Still, very cool picture. :D

Nathan said...

Oh...good point. She's sorta kicking that castle's butt.

I don't quite know how I feel about drawing her whacking one of those bunnies.

I think I like it. Maybe someday I will draw that.

Helene said...

This is scary! How long will we have to wait before we find out how the Princess beats the bunnies and the giant thing?? The tension is unbearable!

Chris said...

I can't decide if she's about to backflip out of the way or throw her staff into his face.

Nathan said...