Friday, March 25, 2011

Deadline Overload!

Last Friday was a sick day. This Friday is nothing short of a deadline APOCALYPSE! Frankly, it's because of the sick days that I'm now playing catch up on my deadlines. My carefully managed calendar has been thrown out of whack! The ripple effect of a few sick days threatens to shake my whole system down! Gaaaaaaah!

Back next week. A few late nights should get me back on track again. Have a good weekend. I know I won't!


Chris said...

Maybe that's why everyone is writing post-apocalyptic books these days.
Good luck!

Clint C. said...

This blog has shattered my misconceived notions of the carefree no-pressure lifestyle of an artist.

Nathan said...

I try not to see you guys let me sweat. But trust me, if you are a full-time freelance illustrator (who wants to make a living) you are looking at 13 hour work days, seven days a week. I'm NEVER not at my desk working.

Mike Blake Studio said...

haha! 13 hours a day 7days a WEEK? Is that the typical work load of a successful fulltime illustrator? Or the workload of a perfectionist who is also distracted on a few personal projects? ^_^ haha

(though I think being a perfectionist is a key for success as an illustrator...)

Nathan said...

Based on the other illustrators I know, yeah, it really is that work schedule. Well, 12 hours a day for most--the extra hour is what I spend on this blog.

When I was doing the RAPUNZEL/JACK books the hours were even longer. Most weeks, I get in a jam and have to go late into the night. I haven't pulled any all-nighters so far this year. But the unfortunate all-nighter is known to pop up every few months.

It is a very time consuming job.

Mike Blake Studio said...

Oh my! 0_o I am working to be a freelance illustrator myself..I knew it would take alot of time, but that?! haha

How do you have time do anything else BUT illustration? haha Like have a normal life(Family time, housework, church, friends, etc?!?!!)

Nathan said...

It's a careful balancing act. It's not hard to spend time with my kids because I'm ALWAYS home. They just chill in the studio with me (a lot of LEGO in here.) Needless to say, I don't have a busy social calendar.

I've been a company illustrator before, and that can be a good way to start. Your deadlines stay at work, you can actually go home and be HOME. It's the freelance that chews up your time. Long hours, but if you are like me and enjoy the lifestyle of a hermit, it can be a lot of fun!