Monday, January 10, 2011

Percy: The Little Big Dragon p.8

Ooh, a late lunch, a late, late lunch. But better late than never! Here's today's Percy. It really progresses the story, eh? We call this part of the story the conflict.

Today was the ALA awards announcement, the Caldecotts and Newberys and whatnot. They announce them early in the morning, on a Monday, in January--it's like they WANT them to be ignored. Anyway, all of the Caldecott winners were fairly new artists, which I thought was kind of exciting. Click here to see all of the results. I know you must be dying to know who won the "Arbuthnot" and the "Batchelder" this year. This year's Newbery was a book called "Moon Over My-Hammy" which I haven't read, but if it is as good as the menu item of the same name at Denny's, then I'm sure it is dee-licious.

Seeing the results from the ALA awards always gets me excited to put some new books of my own out there. But I don't have anything slated for 2011--everything I'm working on comes out in 2012! Last year saw three books from me (CALAMITY JACK, ANIMAL HOUSE and 12 BOTS) so I guess I can't complain. But I want something new NOW. I'm glad blog publishing is instantaneous.


Chris said...

Wow, Percy is doing awesome!
I hear you on the instantaneous thing. So many stories to wait for, at least some of them happen every day.

Meredith said...

Right with you on the Moon over...whatever it's called. I've never even heard of that book! Bad children's librarian! On the bright side, Percy really looks like he has the upper hand!