Thursday, January 20, 2011

Percy: The Little Big Dragon p.15


Sarah C. said...

Cole says, "What about his boots and his wristbands?"
Sarah says, I love it! So funny!

Chris said...

"Clank clank! Boo-hoo!"
:-) love it.

PS-also loved mom's face back on the "I don't believe it" page

Nathan said...

Cole, that first Percy drawing was what we call a "concept design," it was sort of a practice drawing. The Percy in this story has no armbands or boots, and, if you'll notice, his head is a little bigger. That first Percy looks a little older too. Maybe some day we'll see Percy get some more clothes and stuff, but not in this story. Very observant though.

Thanks Chris. Clank clank. Boo-hoo!" is my favorite part of the story.

Rachel said...

This page almost makes me sorry the knight.

Nathan said...

Shoot! I really wanted the knight to be unlikable. The page isn't funny if you feel sorry for him. He hit Percy in the face with a guitar hero controller!