Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Name That Dragon Wrap-up

And our final winning name is...

"Behold, this dragon shall be called Lucent! Slithering between worlds and planes of existence, he strikes before you even sense his presence!" (Named by Courtney)

Thanks for playing everyone! I think that was a pretty spectacular run of Name That Dragon. I'd especially like to thank our judges, Uly, Lucy, Shannon and Dean Hale, and final week judge, Jessica Day George. Great job judges!

Now it is your turn to judge. It's time to choose your favorite dragon of them all. Here is a refresher:

Leave your vote in the comments section and we'll see who wins the coveted "Most Favored Dragon" title. The chosen dragon will get a brand new drawing in a different pose.

Votes for "Turkor" will be immediately disqualified.

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Tomorrow we'll announce the winning dragon and Thursday we start a new story!


Q said...

This is hard--they're all so good!

I guess I'll go with the one I really want to see in another pose:


Fionix is a close second, then Epannou, then Pyropterix.

Danielle said...

Percy is my favorite. :)

Unknown said...

I'm also going to have to vote Percy.

Pica said...

My top 3 are:
1. Percy
2. Tendon Tearer & Clavicle Cruncher
3. Fionix

My brother votes for Trixie-Meku.

I agree with Q- it's so hard to choose!

Allegra said...

Percy is the best one, I think...but they're all so good!

John Ferguson said...

Lucent and Raigoth

I guess I'm more of a big-bad-scary dragon person and these two were pretty awesome.

I've enjoyed all month. I wish I could have participated more, I had to get my appendix removed which forced me to drop everything that didn't qualify as absolutely necessary.

I have gone back and looked at all of the previous dragons. You are very talented and creative. And the names were cool, too. I also appreciate the chance to exercise my creative muscles a bit. I always like coming up with back stories.


Nathan said...

Uly picks Lucent
Mindy picks Gorgey
Lucy picks Fionix
Nate picks Gronkaloth

Anonymous said...

Raigoth! Raigoth!

Laura said...

The abominable snow ram!
And The mighty and great keeper of the honored rocks is a close runner-up.

buttercup said...

Robyn: The Abominable Snow Ram
Ada: Cyana
Ryan: Percy
Tessa: Clavicle Cruncher and Tendon Tearer

Debbie Barr said...

I vote Cyana and Raigoth as a close second.

Jed Henry said...

I feel like there should be categories, like at the Oscars.

1) I want to ride that dragon.
2) I want to slay that dragon.


Laura Z M said...

I like Gorgey.

He looks just how I felt on Thanksgiving.

Leea said...


jw said...

No votes for Treeaxis, really? He's got TREES GROWING ON HIS BACK! Treeaxis! Treeaxis!

I would have voted for Turqor (because it has a Q in it), but you misspelled it with a K. Your loss.

Ryan said...


Greg and Leigh said...

Greg votes: snow ram (turkor is my fav)
Leigh votes: Raigoth
Elias votes: snow ram

Bridger said...


Camille Aurelia. said...


Bree said...

I have a tie between Percy and Tendon Tearer and Clavicle Cruncher. :)

Clint C. said...


Clint C. said...

Cole: Riagoth
Jack: Lucent

hidden reader said...


Gaby said...

I would have to say Percy as well.

Chris said...

Chris: Fionix
Bryce: Gronkaloth
JJ: Corpsebreath

(Even though only one dragon can win for tomorrow, I wouldn't say no to more showing up later. Dragons have a tendency for tenacity.)

megwrites said...

Tendon Tearer and Clavicle Cruncher

Q said...

Popping back in, I agree with Jed Henry that there should be categories, second the motion for the two he's come up with, and add

3. I wish I could BE that dragon.

Enna Isilee said...

I want to ride: The Snow Ram (he looks comfy)
I want to slay: Treeaxis (just because he reminds me of the Tree-beasts on Metroid: Other M)
I want to be: Fionix

And so, my ultimiate vote is for Fionix. I REALLY like her.

Krystal P. said...

Courtney votes for Lucent...cuz he's got the coolest name ;);)
Me and Chels like Fionix!

Anonymous said...


Lissa said...

the abominable snow ram! and pelagius