Monday, December 27, 2010

And We're Beak...

Hi Everyone. I hope you enjoyed your holidays and the Twelve LEGO Bots, I'd once again like to thank the geekmom website for co-hosting the images along side the Station, and also my LEGO photographer Jaime. Link over to their cool sites to see what they are up to.

A few things. Last year, I took this period off. From Christmas to around Jan. 4th, I went post free. I actually found that I missed making daily posts. I won't be skipping out this year. I'll be here, right back on track--no blog vacation. I've got a fun story I'll start tomorrow (starring someone you've seen recently here on the blog.)

Also, I've revamped the site and banner artwork. If you follow the blog through a reader, you may want to click over to the actual site to see the changes. (And, hey, why not click the "Follow" button, just for kicks--to make it official and all.) How do you like the new look? There's a big orange bird with a blue beak, isn't there?

Next week marks the one-year anniversary of CALAMITY JACK's release. Amazon is celebrating this with a sweet $6.00 deal on the paperback! So if you have some Amazon gift cards burning a hole in your pocket--or if you just want the super-awesome RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE sequel at an amazing price, clicky-clicky. And reviewy-reviewy, JACK only has 17 reviews, compared to RAPUNZEL's nearly fifty! Show Jacky some love!

Speaking of reviews, thank you to everyone who bought a copy of THE TWELVE BOTS and left a review. Me and the BOTS had a fantastic Christmas! Now that the holidays are over, the BOTS will be hibernating (unplugging?) for the next ten months, but there is still time to leave your thoughts in review form at your favorite online bookseller. Did you notice that the book was dedicated to "The Space-Station Cadets?" That's you! Did you know you had a book dedicated to you? Well, you do it's THE TWELVE BOTS OF CHRISTMAS, man!

We've got a big year ahead for the Space Station. More comics, more drawings and more games. February will see another PICTURE BOOK MARATHON (possibly with a return to THE LAND OF DOOM.) In the near future I'll have an announcement concerning one of 2010's stories (it will soon become more than just a series blog posts!) But you'll have to stay tuned for that. Clever detectives should be able to get a hint by browsing back a few months...I can say no more!

Stay tuned!


Chris said...

Should I recognize that bird?
I'm very excited about a Land of Doom excursion. The last trip had lots of great advice, in addition to being tons of fun.

Nathan said...

The bird DOES look familiar. But I don't think I've drawn it before. Looks like Yellowbelly's bird-based cousin.

Stuart said...

Nate, we were driving to a friends house and on the BYU radio channel and they did a book review on the twelve bots, a really good one!!!

Nathan said...

Really? A radio review? Wow! I wonder where I could track that down. Thanks for the heads-up!