Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Post Pending!

Hi everyone! I've been away at WonderCon in San Francisco for the past few days. I pre-loaded the last few comics to go up automatically. I didn't, however, pre-load a comic for Wednesday, and I just got home from a day of airports and misery. (BTW if you ever have a layover at the Long Beach Municipal Airport you will no longer fear death. Worst airport ever. And I used to fly in and out of the Ozarks regularly.)

Anyway, it is 12:53 am, I just stumbled through the door, I will have today's comic up, but later in the day. I'll also tell you all about WonderCon. Bear with me.

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Rachel Q said...

When my hubby flew out of Long Beach he had to take a picture just to show me how ghetto it was!