Friday, April 23, 2010

Books on Sale! Sale on Books!

Another Amazon price temporary drop! This time on two books Paperback RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE ($6.00!) and the hardcover THE DEVIL YOU KNOW ($5.75!)

I figure everyone here already has these books, but hey, they make super gifts! Who's mom wouldn't enjoy a copy of THE DEVIL YOU KNOW for Mothers Day?

UPDATE! Holy cake! YELLOWBELLY AND PLUM GO TO SCHOOL is also on sale for $6.80! Now that is a steal! Yellowbelly's been getting harder to find, and I can't imagine they have many at that price. I think I'm going to buy a few. Hot diggity! (Thanks for the tip, Anonymous poster!)

You could get all three books for under $20!!!


Anonymous said...

My mom already has Devil You Know and Rapunzel, or I would. She loves that little Devil!

Anonymous said...

Yellowbelly and Plum is also at a discounted price. I bought both "Devil" and "Yellowbelly." :-)