Friday, March 12, 2010

Space Station Yellowbelly 7/19

If this dialogue is confusing to you, then you haven't played New Super Mario Bros. This is a very common argument about power-up distribution. I hope you are enjoying the sketchbook posts. These drawings haven't seen the light of day for a good fifteen years, it's fun to dig through them again--I have TONS. And they are saving me all kinds of time to put towards the 12 BOTS book. (17 days to deadline!)

Have a good weekend!


Chris said...

Good luck on 12 Bots!
It's good to know that you have reliable friends like Yellowbelly to take over your Mario playing. Without them you might get terribly distracted from your work.

Chris said...

Also, I have to say that my verification word was "mancess"
What is that? A manly princess? That could either be a really funny story or very wrong.

Unknown said...

This is quite the sketch to post without commentary... elephant man in leaf skirt.

victoria said...

If that is one of those cubbies in the loft at the Ranch, I urge you, Elephant Nose Man, don't go in!

Ron McCutchan said...

I just noticed the interim header--made me laugh out loud. Good "make the deadline and keep up the blog solution"--sort of "Sketchbook Theatre 3000"