Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Picture Book Marathon 2010: The Wrap Up

Here they all are in one place.

Any favorites? If you were to see one story turned into a web-comic here, which would it be?


Anonymous said...

Web-comic? The Scrubbing Bubble! Man, I wanted one of those so bad as a kid!

And as for picture books, I'd buy just about every one of those!

Tasha said...

I think either the PaleoBowl or the Mermaid Fire Brigade. I would buy any of these - love the concepts.

Unknown said...

As a web comic I would vote for Bricktown cop... or vacuum dreams :). As a whole they really show a wealth of creativity! Congratulations on finishing strong! I don't know how you fit it all in!

Unknown said...

Goldilocks!! That one looks like so much fun!

But I also like the Jester & the Seamstress--that story sounds awesome.

Debbie Barr said...

I liked Brick Town Cop, the Mermaid Fire Brigade, and the Lumberjack one.

I'm bad at choosing just one.

jw said...

I think Mermaid Fire Brigade will make a great book, but I'm not sure it'll make a great web comic. The Jester and the Seamstress deserves the highly detailed art that would be too time consuming for a freebie on the web, too. Bricktown Cop and Scrubbing Bubble both have the potential to build your audience, so if that's your goal, go there.

If I had to vote for one to turn into a web comic (that might very will get a publisher's attention and later turn into a book), I'd go with Credit Card Bill.

Then again, you could always finish up your Saturday Morning Cartoon comic about the space plant (hint, hint).

Anonymous said...

choose ONE? But they're all so good.....

Mary said...

Maybe some kind of combination of Mermaid Fire Brigade, Vampoline, and Lumberjack Troupers? It would be awesome.

Unknown said...

Top 4:

#4 - The Ugly Pterodactylus: I really, really want to see this ending. That PBS show is really annoying.

#3 - No Touch the Ground: So what if there's no words? The possible scenes would be worth a thousand words. Each.

#2 - Lumberjack Troopers: The story needs finished. And really, who doesn't want to see the lumberjacks as the good guys for once?

#1 - The Last of the Scrubbing Bubbles: There's no way that this can't be cool.

Unknown said...
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Nathan said...

Wow! Lots of love for the Scrubbing Bubble! And here I thought nobody loved him (his day got the least amount of comments.) I now see that the stories that got a lot of comments, and the stories people liked the most weren't necessarily the same stories. Interesting.

Scrubbing Bubble would make sense as a webcomic, since it could never be published. Just for kicks, let's call him the "Bubbing Scrubble." Tackle THAT SC Johnson Legal Dept!

Robert W. Leonard said...

The War Bun jumps out at me the most. I could think of so many scenarios that would make great stories. So many mentioned already are great as well, tough choice with so many good ones! :)

edith said...

Me and mine both want to read Stair Cow, but NOT as a webcomic. It deserves publishing. I'm also excited about The Elephant of Surprise.

But I think Vampoline would be a good recurring comic.

DaNae said...


There is no funnier word ever invented, so there is no other choice.

Emnia said...

I love the "Elephant Surprise" one! That was my favorite!!!
But.... Brick Town Cop was good too.... Mmmm. Hard to choose one idea! They're all awesome!

Greg and Leigh said...

Hmmm...thats a tough one because some of the stories would be better as story books and others would be better as web comics.
Greg's pick's for web comic are:
1- Caveman Chopper Rescue 2-Brick Town Cop 3-World War Bun 4- Elephant of Surprise

Leigh's pick's for web comic are:
1-Zombeans at the Taco Hut 2-Stair Cow 3-Caveman Chopper Rescue 4-Mermaid Fire Brigade

Unknown said...

My vote is for Zombeans, or Bubbing Scrubble.

Aredhel said...

The Vampoline :)

Amanda Sorensen said...

I think I would like to see:

#1 Zombeans at the Taco Hut
#2 Elephant of Surprise
#3 Vampoline
#4 Mermaid Fire Brigade

as web comics.

Amanda Sorensen said...

Oh yeah, Bubbing Scrubble too!

Chris said...

Don't forget the caveman chopper! that's a must-be-a-web-comic.

As books, I would buy:
2.Elephant of Surprise
4.Jester's Clothes

As webcomics, I would love:
1.Caveman Chopper
4.No Touch the Ground

Chris said...

Also, I want to see reader art/stories to try to guess the stair-cow secret project. The title is so promising!

And, though the cartoony stuff is great too, I think "No Touch the Ground" deserves the same artwork style as the Jester.

Sydney Salter said...

While they all look good, I REALLY want to know what Stair Cow is doing.

Anonymous said...

1) The Ugly Pterodactyl
2) No Touch the Ground (Ditto Chris's comment)
3) Vampoline :-)
4) The Line King)

Christopher Altman said...

All of them brilliant! My favorites are Vacuum Dreams, The Elephant of Surprise, and Zombeans. But I love them all and would like to see what happens next.