Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Greatest Book of ALL TIME

The NaNoMonster seemed to have a little too much time on his hands, so I've put him to work doing some shameless advertising. Click on my link to the right to see my "DINOSAURS a Stereobook." It's a book that makes dinosaur noises. Something not a single one of the great works of fiction can claim. Chew on that Evelyn Waugh. Do YOU have a book that makes dinosaur noises?

Side note, the publisher on this book didn't put my name on the cover. This happens a lot more with non-fiction titles, I've noticed. Somehow, scientific illustrations are considered a given, like photography. In any case, when your name's not on the cover it means you can write a glowing Amazon review of the book you worked on. I just did that. 5 stars.

So, as you are doing your holiday shopping this year. Please consider this; can your book collection be complete if it doesn't include a single volume that makes dinosaur noises?

I didn't think so.


Bubble said...

Dear Chester,
I like your spectacles. They are very fetching.


Stuart said...

YES! Mr.Blue Man or NaNoWriMo Monster or whatever his name is has fallen into the the trap of awsomely, awsome writing by Nate Hale. Bwaa ha ha ha!!

Anonymous said...

Brideshead Revisited would make dinosaur noises, but it's too well bred, thank you. I wonder if my son would like that book. . . Untill very recently, he was deathly afraid of books that made noise, thanks to a Wall-E sound effects book that made a noise like Wall-e being electrocuted.

Emnia E. said...

Hahahahahha!!!! I'll have to look into that book! I have, like, five baby cousins!
Thank you, Chester, for advertising!

Nathan said...

I absolutely LOVE it when a kid's toy has a malfunctioning sound chip. My son had a Buzz Lightyear toy that had a slightly sped up sound chip, so that when it said, "To infinity AND BEYOND!" The AND BEYOND part was a maniacal shriek. Just like Buzz was also being electrocuted. My wife and I laughed ourselves to tears over that one, more than once.

Which is not to say that "DINOSAURS a Stereobook" has a faulty sound chip, no no. Only the highest quality sound chip is good enough for this amazing, beautifully illustrated book.

Stuart said...

Mr.Blue Man, have you taken over other blogs, or are you a first timer?

Nathan said...

Hello Commenter Stuart, this is Chester. Yes, I've taken over many, many blogs.

I took over the "Cats in Raincoats" blog, the "World's Filthiest Hamster" blog, "Sculptures made from Turnips," "Why Vinyl Music Sounds So Much Warmer," "I Hate Dumptrucks," "Xbox is for Babies," "PS3 is for Babies"--all the top blogs, you know.

I'm a professional.

Emnia E. said...

Hey Chester,
Do you get paid for raiding blogs, or is it a hobby? Just wondering, because if you get paid....!