Friday, August 21, 2009

Yellowbelly Time part 10/10

Well, I think that went pretty well. Yellowbelly's show will be a returning feature--in fact, I've already got a couple of surprise guests lined up. Yellowbelly's show is a little more time consuming than my regular stories, so it'll only pop up every few months. It'll be a special feature.

I'd like to thank Shannon for being the test subject for this first episode, and everyone who linked to the blog for the interview. To anyone who found us through this interview, welcome to the Station! Stick around, I'll be back next week with an all new story.

Have a good weekend! Watch out for wasps--I got stung by wasps today, mean little suckers.


Emnia E. said...

My daddy got stung by a wasp today too! And he's allergic to them, so it got swollen up, and he couldn't hold the steering-wheel with it. ): I hope you're not THAT bad....
BOO-HOO! Shannon's gone!
YAY! More episodes in the near future.... Hear that everyone? We have to live for THAT long!!!!

Rachel said...

Hi, I'm one of the ones who only read this b/c I got the link from Shannon Hale's blog... but I think I will keep reading! Normally this wouldn't be at all my thing but I like it a lot. And I'll be looking for your books!

Q said...

Wasps are so mean! They'll sting you for no reason whatsoever. Not like bees. Bees won't hurt you unless you trap them or threaten their hive.