Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend Dino-Holiday Sale

Book on sale! BOOK ON SALE!

[UPDATE: Wow! That was quick, the sale is over. Now they have it at $14. Thanks to everyone who ordered a copy. You put the Dinos into Amazon's top 100 Holiday titles for the weekend!]

Amazon has my book, "The Dinosaurs' Night Before Christmas," at a summer discount of over 52% right now. I know Christmas is a long way off, but you can get the book (Hardcover, 48 fully illustrated pages, a CD full of Dinosaur-themed Christmas tunes and audio version of the book narrated by Al Roker) for $9 right now. It usually sells for $18.99.

Get a copy and put it in the closet for four months. Or get two copies and put them in the closet for eight months. Get three copies...

Anyway, Deck the halls with Stegosaurus--on the cheap!


Juliana said...

Looks adorable, Nathan! I was at the "Writing for Charity" thing in Ogden yesterday and saw Shannon Hale. So I asked, "How exactly are you and Nathan Hale related?" She set me straight.

Then I told her that we'd discovered we both went to Orem High and how that was a cool realization for me. She made a snarky remark about it, permanently recorded for my posterity, in the cover of her new book. So I now have written "proof" that I was cooler than you in high school ... However, you've lapped me a million times since then. Dang! ;)

DaNae said...

Dang, I already own it. Although, I do think I read it much better than Al.

Nathan said...

Juliana, I've taken a lot of heat for not going to the Writing for Charity event in Ogden. I decided to skip ONE event this summer, and it turned out to be the biggest one of the year. Oh well, sounds like everyone had a terrific time.

DaNae, Mr. Roker is a Professional Funny-Weather-Person, there is almost no way on earth ANYONE could read it better. James Earl Jones--maybe.

DaNae said...

Them's fighting words boy.

The weather is sketchily cloudy, with a chance on being hot enough to melt an otter pop in 45 1/2 seconds.

I won't do his job if he will stay away from mine.

And I would have liked to have seen you at the Charity Writing thingy too. I wanted to go just to bask in the lime light of all you famous writer types, but my friend Matt, who was one of the writer type people (who will soon be famous), harangued me into writing something. I would have loved to have benefited from your wisdom, oh God of mildly educational and subversive comics.

Nathan said...

"...mildly educational and subversive comics."

Ooh I like that!