Monday, May 11, 2009

Jester Week day 6

The '09 jesters catch us up to this season! The '08 cover was so odd, that I decided to go classic in 2009. And what's more classic than an old fashioned, Norman Rockwell homage?

These kids are twin daughters of two of the theater owners. This is the only jester painting I've used photo reference on. We did a photo shoot at the theater, they were wearing jeans and hoodies. I faked the outfits and the masks.

This painting was a send up of this famous Norman Rockwell illustration:

I even did my signature in the Norman Rockwell font. This is as close as I've ever come to straight up copying an illustration. I've gotta say, it was really fun.

Ouch, seeing them side by side like this makes me realize that ol' Normy's roughly 400 times better at painting than I am.


David Miles said...

Way cool! The texture on that trunk is really great! Are you working in acrylics?

Emnia Elf said...

Nah, he just had a different style. My art class did copies of Monet and boy, not one of us (except the boy who had never done anything well) were even close to getting it right. (the boy was THE best... Better than the teacher)
Goes to say that everyone's hand fit's a different pencil. (:

Nathan said...

Yeah David, I'm an acrylics guy, all the way. And thanks, E. Elf, I could never copy a Monet--THAT would be tricky.