Friday, May 22, 2009

Isopod Week! Well, Isopod Friday anyway...

I don't actually have a week's worth of Isopod paintings. In fact, as of this moment, I only have one, half-finished isopod painting. Here it is, in progress, it still has a ways to go, but it's Isopod Friday, I gotta show something!

I'm doing a job about giant isopods, pill-bug-like crustaceans that live on the ocean floor. So I have a bunch of giant isopod images on my desktop. Like this one:

Or this one:

Pretty creepy huh?

According to Wikipedia: In Northern Taiwan and other areas, they are not uncommon at seaside restaurants, served boiled and bisected with a clean lateral slice. The white meat is similar to crab or lobster in texture.



bloggeratf said...

I feel like they are going to lath onto my brain stem and start telling me what to do....

Emnia Elf said...

Oh horray! Awesome paintings! Hey.... They'd make a great 70's horror movie! I can see it now:
"Isopods From Outer Space"!
(making fun of Teenagers From Outer Space.... I don't know if anyone from here has seen it, but Isopods remind me faintly of that movie...)

edith said...

Those walking stilt fish are pretty creepy, too. Are those real? They look like the stilt-bunnies from the Dark Crystal.
I miss Jim Henson.
But I still have you.

Nathan said...

Oh yeah--those are called Tripod Fish. They don't walk, they just balance. Pretty weird. But I know the Dark Crystal animals of which you speak. I used to pretend I was one of those whenever there was a pair of crutches around to mess with.