Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Catch Up Post!

Big news!
For the second time, a Hazardous Tales book has cracked the New York Times Best Seller list. TREATIES, TRENCHES, MUD, AND BLOOD debuted at #4 on the Hardcover Graphic Novel list! Thank you so much for pre-ordering and buying the book at launch. You readers are the ones who put it there. Hooray!

Now, on to more news. The studio chalkboard has been erased, and a new chart has been added. See below:

PREHISTORIC PREDATORS, a Scholastic book I did some illustrations for is finished, and drawings for Hazardous Tales book #5 start TODAY. The deadline: mid-August. We want book #5 to land on shelves in March 2015. It's going to be a drawing-drawing-drawing summer.

If you missed it, Comics Alternative did a great interview podcast with me about Hazardous Tales. We talked about some series secrets: the mysterious narrator idea before Hale, Provost, and Hangman came along, as well as the crazy original plan for book #4--it wasn't WWI! and many other unknown tidbits. Tune in here: Comics Alternative Podcast.

One last bit of news: The nominees for the Kids Comics Awards have been announced. DONNER DINNER PARTY has been nominated TWO times! For Favorite Non-Fiction Graphic Novel, and for Grossest Thing in Comics! All children can vote HERE. And please do! I'm up against Fregley's Gum-Chewing Belly-Button in the Grossest category. I'm going to need all the votes I can get!


Chris said...

That is a lot of boxes. Glad we're getting more NHHT, but your hand is going to be tired.

Rev. Dave said...

My kids and I are into graphic novels. We've enjoyed Calamity Jane and Rapunzel's Revenge. Recently while they were at the library looking for books, I saw the Donner Dinner Party in the kids' graphic novel section and picked it up for myself. I found it hilarious as well as super-informative. I can't wait to read your other books in that series now that I know it exists. History, ho!

Rev. Dave said...

Recently while my kids were looking for books at the library, I happened upon the Donner Dinner Party in the kids' graphic novel section. I picked up immediately and was not ashamed to check it out for myself. We had read your previous books (Rapunzel & Calamity), but I hadn't connected this was your doing. I was delighted with the historical story and humor. I can't wait to see your other books in that series now that I know it exists.