Monday, April 7, 2014

Meet the Hangman!

And the last of our introduction pages. The Hangman:

By the way, we were off the NYT Bestseller list for one week--but we're back ON! At #8! That makes four weeks on the list! Hooray!


edith said...

Hey, this comment is really about the new size format for the Rapunzel books--My kids have just recently been loving the Marvel graphic novel versions of the Wizard of Oz books. And they are exactly the same size as the original Rapunzels.
Just sayin.

Stacia said...

For my son's 9th birthday we are donating a copy of One Dead Spy to his school classroom library (no more birthday treats these days), so I printed out the 3 narrator images and glued them inside the book. I'm going to go plug the book right now by introducing the narrators. I knew your wife Mindy in Dancensemble at BYU and you know my husband Joseph (Elder Simonsen).