Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dark Souls Day part 3

Another day of Dark Souls with me and Uly.

What is Dark Souls, you might ask, and why am I making posts about it here on my blog about children's fiction? It's a Playstation game--and it's my favorite video game series of the last decade.

It's Japanese, it's incredibly difficult and frustrating--just like the games I played as a kid. There's very little dialogue, no cut-scenes, no story arc, just grueling dungeons that test your skill and patience. My son and I have fairly difference tastes, but we can agree on this. This is our favorite game series ever.

My son's been sick with a cold for the past two days, he stayed home from school, so we have logged some serious hours passing the controller back and forth.

For long-time blog-readers, the long-ago Land Of Doom story (about surviving children's book publishing) was partially inspired by the first game in this series, Demon's Souls.

I'll do one more for Friday, then we'll move onto more wholesome topics. I know kid-lit fans are big fans of violent video games.


Q said...

He's "sick" with a "cold" for "the past two days." Riiiiiight. What fortuitous timing!

Sarah C. said...

Tal is NOT reading this part of the Station. I've been told I am denying him his human rights by not letting him play first-person shooter games.