Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hazardous Tales book 4 banner

Boy, oh boy. It's been a busy couple of weeks. Busy weeks lead to spotty posts. I'm deep in crunch time for Hazardous Tales #4--that's the WWI one. 

This week we've been working on the cover. Each Hazardous Tales book has a different set of flags on the mast head. When you are doing a WORLD war, you can't just have two flags--you need a whole bunch. Here we have the Allied Powers on one side (US, Russia, France, and UK) and the Central Powers on the other (Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, and Germany). In all fairness, the US flag should be the one in the back, they didn't join in until the end, but we always have the stars and stripes up front on the cover, so it'll have to stand as is.

The pacing on DIGGY SHARK must seem positively GLACIAL. Picture books are a fast read, when you chop them down to a page a day it gets slooooooooow. Already in this post there have been three times as many words as there are in the entire DIGGY SHARK story.

Diggy and co. will be back tomorrow (hopefully).

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Jack Hunter said...

How quickly the resurgence of large Empires and the conflict soon spread around the world. Civilian casualties were very heavy during the WWI, and revolutions in many of the nations were involved in political reforms and the rule of law thereafter. More later the Nato and UN in the aftermath of WWI. How I am glad it's not a real history, but today we have international conventions and treaties to commit to and resolve to complete.