Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Disaster! Dismay! Delay!

Oh my goodness. I thought I had planned so well. Guys, I'm afraid we're going to need a few more days to PROPERLY launch part 3.

I'm in Houston, Texas this week. I'm doing a week-long school visit. I brought a simple drawing tablet with my laptop, thinking I could draw the stories on the road. It turns out I can't (did you see Monday's? It looks like a potato!) Not only does the drawing tablet not work, they are keeping me VERY busy doing school presentations. Today I taught three master classes, did a full assembly, two portrait demonstrations, a draw-a-monster game, a pizza lunch with fourth graders and a faculty dinner!

And here I thought I would have tons of quiet hotel time to make my tablet work. Phew!

I give up. I want this section of story to look consistent with parts 1 and 2. SO, I will be back in action on Friday--I will do posts on Saturday and Sunday to get us back on track.

Hang in there!


Q said...

I'm experiencing severe deja vu right now.

Sarah C. said...

Are you for hire? Can you come to our school? :) April 15, Gallery Stroll 5-7 p.m.

Anonymous said...

that's my school!:)