Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Hey everyone,

Whoo. Sorry for the disappearing act. As you probably guessed, I'm deep, deep, DEEP into a nonsensical deadline. Hazardous Tales #3. It became decidedly knotty in the final stretch. I've had to work all hours to get the final artwork in. The final book is due Dec 17th.

It's 128 pages, the same length as the first two. And it's really good. I'm absolutely delighted with how it is going (I just wish I had finished it a month ago.)

In order to finish the pages (around twenty + the backmatter/Correction Baby/fun stuff) I've dropped basically ALL internet posting.

After the 17th, I'm going to be as lazy as possible through the holidays. I'm going to see some movies, organize some LEGO bins, and maybe take a whack at some of the neglected video games I've purchased over the last two years and never played--seriously, I see a good deal on a game (curse you Gamefly used sales!) buy it, then put it in my cupboard with the others. I have a backlog of at least nine games I've never even played.

I'm also going to clean out my studio, which, as you may imagine is FILTHY. It's like a monkey cage in here (with a cupboard of unplayed console games!)

I'll see you in 2013. I won't promise any holiday posting between now and then (because, as you know, when I promise things on the blog, it is a guaranteed kiss of death for said promised thing.)


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Chris said...

Fair enough. I'm excited for the Hazardous Tales #3 announcement.
In the absence of posts, could Frank get a santa hat or something? He's looking a bit chilly up there in the heading without any festive attire.