Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Timeline

Hoo. What a mess. You know that feeling when you've gone waaaaay too long without cleaning a room? That's how I feel about my poor blog. It has been severely neglected. Like in Animal Crossing when you haven't visited your town in months, and there are weeds everywhere. Never mind.

In any case. I need to set a date to get things back on track, instead of just letting the last few posts just float here in limbo.

The date: May 1st

I will return to the rock-solid five-day-a-week posting schedule I've held to for the past few years. It will be rad.


Opaleyz said...

looking forward to May 1st! Good luck w/ everything you have to do in the meantime :)

Helene said...

I know that feeling. But it's always fun to go back and crush all those little cockroaches that make their way into your home.