Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The gaps! The gaps are everywhere!

Hey guys. In case you haven't noticed I'm dropping posts like...I don't know, a guy who drops a lot of posts. 2010 me is deeply ashamed of 2012 me. I missed, like, two posts that year. Yeesh.

The reasons are good--very good in fact. I've got lots of terrific projects coming in. In a stunning show of confidence, my publisher has ordered books 3 and 4 in my historical graphic novel series! This was unexpected. I was sure the publisher would apply the usual Wait-and-See-Sales tactic before extending the series. But apparently the first two books went over extremely well at their sales and publicity meetings. So it's game on for the next two books!

In fact, the manuscript for book #3 is due in two and a half weeks. Yikes!

The bible is going strong. I'm in the book of Matthew and this week I'll pass the halfway mark on the entire job. Whopeee! Today I'm illustrating the concept of forgiving someone "Seven times seventy times." Where's my calculator, I don't even know how many that it 140? That sounds right.

In any case the gaps will keep coming. We're very close to the end of the Taco Hell story. Think of these gaps as a way to extend the grand finale--sort of like in the Lion King, when Scar and Simba fight in cheesy slo-mo. The gaps are the cheesy slo-mo.


Katya said...

If you have to miss posts, I think your fans would rather it be because you've got a lot of paid work coming in. :)

Meredith said...

I agree with Katya. If you missing posts=me getting more books illustrated by you, it's fine by me!

Juliana said...

490 :)

edith said...

Oh, thank you Juliana. I was hoping someone else would be bugged by the math, too.
I'm glad you are so busy. But. . .as soon as you can, please finish this story line. I'm already suffering for the next seasons of Doctor Who and Downton Abbey. Where can I get my fix of sensational visual fiction?

Chris said...

I was starting to worry that maybe there was no way back from Taco Hell and the window scrapers had eaten you.

Congrats on the great projects! Do you know release dates for any of them?

Helene said...

I dutifully check blogs and webcomics that update every 1-3 months so Taco Hell is jackrabbit fast in comparison. And you also have a good reason for not posting.