Sunday, April 17, 2011


I'm taking a break from the drawing game today. I thought I'd give you all another day to get you book character-themed ideas turned in. In the mean time, I thought you'd enjoy seeing these library card designs.

My local library, The Provo City Library is holding a contest for a new library card design. I've always wanted to design a library card, so here are my submissions:

Bees! There is a large statue of a beehive in front of the library, so I thought I'd do a bee theme.

Then I thought it would be fun to do a series of cards that fit each library patron's genre reading habit. So there is a knight for Sci-fi/Fantasy readers, a cowboy for Western readers (one of my favorite genres!) a regency lady for Jane Austen fans (needs a revise, she's not very cute) and a vampire for Horror/Paranormal Romance readers. Some ideas that didn't make the cut were detectives, spies and lawyers (all just people in suits) a scientist for non-fiction (too confusing, a flying scientist?) historical fiction is covered in all of the cards but the vampire. Anyway, take a look. Which one would you pick? I'd go cowboy.

If you'd like to see the other entries in the contest, go to the Provo Library's Facebook page. There are some fun entries, including a psychedelic clown and a card featuring a hot dog. I hope my entries win, but if they don't, I want the hot dog to win. There has never, in the history of libraries, been a library card with a hot dog on it. I think that should change.

Book character ideas--get them in!


Chris said...

Cowboy! (But the bees are very cool too.)
I also like the vampire a lot (with the night-scene library!), but I think he and the knight shouldn't have their faces hidden.

Meredith said...

The only problem with these is that I can't pick a favorite! I think the vampire? Wait, no, the cowboy! Or the lady! The knight? And the bees are super cute.

Alysa Stewart said...

wow!!! so cool! I like the lady as she is, but if you revise her I want to see. Man! another reason to wish I was still in Provo.

Helene said...

I like the bees and the vampire.

WHOA! Vampire bees!

The thought of it is giving me a headache. It's too crazy for me to handle.

Opaleyz said...

I love them all! What a neat idea--I would have a hard time voting in that contest!

Charlie Pulsipher said...

For some reason I didn't know you were in Utah...weird. St George myself. So...anyway...

....Utah Rocks!!!