Tuesday, October 26, 2010


[UPDATE] For some reason, I'm having a hard time hosting the KTNR image, here it is at a smaller size--or just link over to KTNR to see it. Also, hope you snagged one, because the $6 RAPUNZELs are gone, baby, gone.

Time for a break, everyone! A Monstermission. A Frankerlude? No, Monsterlude, Frankermission...? A break. I've been crunching some numbers. I think we can still end the book on Halloween, even if we take one day off.

I have some announcements and tidbits you may enjoy.

First, the good folks at KTNR (Kids Need to Read) have unveiled the cover art for the official KTNR 2012 Calendar! And guess who did it? It was me! Here's the link to KTNR's unveiling, and here is the artwork:

It is a "Book-Mo-Bot!" Bringing reading material to the post-apocalyptic countryside. I'll let everyone know when these calendars become available. There are a lot of great artists involved. I haven't seen any of the other images yet and I'm dying to. Head over to KTNR (linked above) for all kinds of cool stuff.

This Saturday is the Teen Book Fest at the Provo Library. If you've been to the Children's Book Fest, then you'll know how this should go. This is the first Teen Book Fest. There will be a whole bunch of Utah authors (you know 'em, you love 'em) and Special Guest, Scott Westerfeld, author of LEVIATHAN and UGLIES. I am going to be there doing an interactive, everyone-joins-in, large-sized, graphic novel thing. So come and join in. It should be very cool (and maybe not as noisy as the Kids Book Fest. Maybe.) So, Oct. 30th, Provo Library from 12-4. Scott's keynote will start at 12:00. I'm told author Jessica Day George will be in attendance dressed as the Tooth Fairy (I'm hoping she means dressed as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson from that horrible movie The Tooth Fairy.)

The elusive $6 RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE paperback is back on Amazon. You can get a copy AND a nice hardcover of THE TWELVE BOTS OF CHRISTMAS for only $16! Then make with the robo-reviews. The Bots are geared up and ready to get seriously jolly--buy them! Bring them to the Teen Fest!


Anonymous said...

How did you know I was going as The Rock as The Tooth Fairy?! Now you've spoiled everything . . . Actually, it sorta came out of Graham Joyce's disturbing Tooth Fairy novel . . . but I gave up trying to find fellow Graham Joyce fans YEARS ago.

Oh, and WHERE'S MY FRANKENSTEIN PAGES OF THE DAY?! I love this story, I want you and Rick to get it published ASAP!

Nathan said...

Who's Graham Joyce? Does he have anything to do with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? My costume is going to be The Rock as he appeared in Escape to Witch Mountain. It's going to be awesome.

To be totally honest, I needed a break form the four-page-a-day schedule. I can take care of one page a day for the blog, no problem, but juggling FOUR pages on top of my already busy work day is no joke. I just needed a breather--plus I had a bunch of cool announcements I didn't want getting lost in the shuffle.

Allison Madsen said...

Hey guys. . .I will be volunteering at the Teen Bookfest so if I can break away I will be sure to come and say "hello!" and Nate-CONGRATS!! BTW Jessica & Nate You both are amazing at what you do