Tuesday, May 4, 2010


O-kay! We're finally getting to the water park part of my water park story.

Today's post features an old dino-standard; the Stegosaurus, and a fresh face; Archelon, the giant, Cretaceous, sea turtle. Actually, I based this guy off the much weirder shelled reptile; Henodus. Then I discovered that Henodus was only three feet long, not big enough to accommodate a family of four, good thing Archelon is. But google Henodus--that's one funny looking creature. Deserves a story of it's own, don't you think?


Leea said...

Fun! I want to go.

megwrites said...

My six year old daughter and I have been following this story and love it! She's so excited each day to see the next installment.
Her comment: "The dinosaurs are funny. The turtle looks like he's mean. It's the best blue story that I've heard."

Nathan said...

Leea--I know, when the weather warms up, I could really go for a waterfall jump.

Meg--Haha thanks! I love to hear from kid fans! Tell her the turtle isn't mean, he just looks that way (I have the same problem--the neighbor kids are terrified of me.)

But it is a better blue story than the Land of Doom? That one used the same color scheme. I need to keep them rotating more, I guess.

DaNae said...

I just want to know which character gets eaten first already.