Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Blue Streaks of November

I like to keep careful charts and graphs of big projects I work on. Here's my November wall calendar for Hazardous Tales #3:

Each line represents a finished page. When a line touches the top of a day, that means a page is done. So on the 1st, those are three pages I started and finished in one day. Most other pages get spread out. There's a page on the 21st that doesn't get finished until the 26th. The key is to have some pages finishing each day.

I'm also showing this because it is an UNREAL number of pages for me. This is my all time personal record for completed pages in a month. I want to try and hit 60 before December. I'll keep you posted.


Margie said...

What does it mean on the 22 and 23 that the lines started and ended at the top? I hope you took time off for Thanksgiving.

John Waverly said...

Nathan, I've never seen your calendar system before. It's simple and useful and cool. I've been thinking of ways to adapt this to meet my own goals.

Do you mind if I re-post your calendar image on my blog along with a link back to your post?

By the way, congratulations on the productive month. That's awesome.

Nathan said...

On the 22nd and 23rd I started four pages, but didn't have room for all of them at the bottom. So, not wanting to wreck to pattern, I added the starts to the top, but they end at the top the next day.

It's weird, but I like the pattern to look good. Jerry Seinfeld was interviewed once about comedy writing, he said he uses a wall calendar and puts a big X on the days he meets his writing goal. And that after a while, he'd have the whole month carefully lined out--missing a day would wreck the lines.

And John, feel free! This is actually the first time I've used this particular system, but I like it--it may be a keeper. at least for projects with a lot of pages.

Pica said...

Wow, that is a lot of pages. Congrats! When is the next book scheduled for publication?