Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Will Drawing That For You! Day 1

That is a Banjo Pig! Do you know about Banjo Pigs? You should. Click over and see. You can spend hours looking at Banjo Pigs.

An illustrator buddy of mine (Guy Francis, one of the co-founders of Banjo Pigs) asked me forever ago to draw a pig with a banjo for his site. Well, I finally did it. It only took a year.

We're now going to play a game where the illustration results come in much faster. I call it:

I Will Drawing That For You!

Here's how it works:

Step 1: You enter an idea for a drawing into the comments section. Example: "A pig with a banjo!"

Step 2: I pick an idea that tickles my fancy.

Step 3: I draw the idea for the next day's post.

Step 4: Fun is had by all!

Get it? It's interactive!

Rules and Tips:

Tip: Be fun and creative!

Rule: Keep it kid-friendly! The Space Station is rated "E" for everyone! For example, I will not draw "Sonic the Hedgehog chopping off Lady Gaga's head."

Tip: Post your own made-up ideas! Or ideas from your favorite books (like the Hobbit!) video games (Zelda!) or even characters from the blog (Burger Bug!)

Rule: No politics or religion! For example, I will not draw "Sarah Palin and the prophet Mohammed on a riding lawnmower" or "President Obama high-fiving a sasquatch." (even though those both sound like fun drawings.)

Tip: Enter every day!

Rule: I only pick one comment to draw each day, so don't be sad if you don't get picked.

Bring on the drawing ideas! Let's do this!


Nathan said...

12:15 and no takers? I'll kick this off myself then. Here's my idea: "The Three Amigos as mutant monsters."

Beat that.

Debbie Barr said...

Just kidding! My first idea was terrible.

How about Yellowbelly and Plum ninja-fighting their way through a sea of pirate turtles! (?)

Okay, bad idea coming up with ideas at 1:00 AM

Q said...

My best ideas always come at two in the morning, but I'm getting nothing. Um, how about... Monstrously large (but lovely) butterflies drinking V8 while nectar and ambrosia cake bakes in the oven.

Yeah. That's right.

Camille Aurelia. said...

King Zora and Tingle in an epic battle of light and awesomeness flying above everything! Definitely. I'm a huge Zelda fan.

Chris said...

A LEGOS factory (in all senses: made of, making, etc.)
If trademarks are a problem, you may use generic brick toys.
And I love the banjo pig!

Katya said...

A giant lobster attacking a coastal Maine town à la Godzilla.

Alysa Stewart said...

I think you should draw Piccolo (your blog header bird) eating his favorite food(s)!

Clint C. said...

Jack: A rat walking down the road.
Talmage: The Titans are the bad guys and they are fighting against the Olympians. On the Olympians side are demigods, minotaur and draconae.
Cole: Yellow Belly makes burger bug wars.
Sarah: I'm still thinking.

Mickey said...

You as a Lego mini fig...with your land of doom headband...with a lightsaber.

edith said...

Man, that pig's got backstory! (I hope you know what I mean by that.)
I'm taking my inspiration from the wv--Suphylas. I'm seeing a salamander from the regions of fire visiting the "outer space" of the upper mantle--where the cold is so intense he may not make it.

buttercup said...

Tessa: A monkey playing a flute
Kielle: A snowboarding Yeti named Harold
Ryan: Minions doing the Conga
Ada: Stuffed animals playing hopscotch
Robyn: delivering newspapers in a snowstorm riding on a yak while wearing shorts.

storyqueen said...

First off, I am now obsessed with Banjo Pigs. It is maybe the coolest thing on the internet.

Second, I want to see a dragon babysitter.


John Ferguson said...

I've always enjoyed astronomy. I also like modern takes on old things...and there's very few things older than astronomy. For example, our constellations have been around for many hundreds of years.

I'd like to see you draw a night sky or a sky map with your own made-up constellations.

Emily said...

Jack and Punzie's wedding.

Anonymous said...

Will you draw me a young woman riding an elephant? She should be happy and safe. The elephant should be purple!


Mike A said...

A dinosaur secret agent and his arch-nemesis ninja bunny rabbit

Helene said...

Link from the Legend of Zelda wearing glasses and reading the newspaper at a little cafe.

Lady Fresa said...

A pink, blue, green, and orange poodle playing tennis on a sunny day in the park--with ninjas attacking from the background.

Lindsay said...

all this banjo talk got me thinkin about "Froggy Jamboree" maybe your interpretation of that would be a fun one....

Leila said...

Draw a duck eating a cupcake! Hehe

Ashley said...

Hmmm. I seem to have Tron on the brain and Zelda is pretty awesome, so... Link and Ganon face off on the Grid?

Or something with dinosaurs. Tron dinosaurs!

Megwrites said...

Two words: steampunk octopus.

Juliana said...

I love the Banjo Pig blog! Just discovered it last week.

So I'm just finishing up the end of my middle grade novel, and I think you need to do a picture for my son to go with it!

Ready? Intergalactic racecars riding the rings of Saturn.

Juliana said...

Oh yeah, and I wish this was Facebook where I could click "like" on other people's ideas!

lissa said...

Oooh ooh! Draw a little girl blowing bubbles! Each bubble would have a different picture inside! She would be at the bottom, and blowing the bubbles up. They would get bigger and bigger! Yay! Do it! please! please!

Anika S. said...

Um. A really, really greasy marshmallow.

This is my first day. Go easy on me.

shannon hale said...

Steven Kellogg drew a picture for me of a villain whose head and bum changed places. He was a character from the Exquisite Corpse Adventure. Steven Kellogg. No lie.

ueberhund said...

I would like to see Yellowbelly and Plum crossing Abbey Road--with two other characters of your choice.

Jed Henry said...

I want to see a world built by parakeets.